Sampler Foundation to Benefit from E-Bay Auction

Getaway for two days in Garnett is first e-bay auction attempt at raising funds for Kansas Sampler Foundation; bidding closes Friday.

If you haven't heard about the latest innovative idea to promote rural Kansas from the ever-innovative Kansas Sampler Foundation, you are in for a treat.

The Sampler Foundation put out calls several months ago, wanting donations of items that could be put up for auction to raise money for the foundation.

The town or Garnett came up with get-away package for the dates of Sept. 17-19, a vacation package valued at $5,000 that is being auctioned on e-bay. Bidding closes Friday.

You can read more on the e-bay auction block if you click here , but the gist of it is you get two nights at the Kirk House Bed and Breafast, great meals, a community playhouse production, a shopping spree, tours, and an airplane ride over Anderson County.

You also get to invite 24 friends to come join you for live music under the stars at the Kirk House, complete with finger food, Kansas wines and apple martinis.

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