Scan-Kleen Filters Wash Easily

New line of filters is for drip/micro irrigation systems.

Netafim USA has introduced a new line of easy-to clean screen filters for its wide range of drip/micro irrigation systems.

The Scan-Kleen filtration system means there's no need to disassemble the filter to backwash or clean it, and cleaning can take place during irrigation without interrupting the set. Just open the flush valve and turn the handle to rotate the dirt collector.

Scan-Kleen filters are available in angle or twin sizes, several sizes and screen mesh options. Additional features include polypropylene construction to avoid rust and corrosion, operation across a wide range of flow rates and stainless steel screens for long life.

These filter are designed as a primary filter for well water with small amounts of sand, center pivots and reservoir water with small amounts of algae.

For more information about the Scan-Kleen filters visit, or call (888) 638-2346.

SCAN-KLEEN: Netafim USA's new Scan-Kleen screen filter offers easy maintenance with no filter teardown. Filters can be cleaned without interrupting irrigation sets.

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