Seed Producer Launches Reduced Corn Refuge Program

Seed Producer Launches Reduced Corn Refuge Program

SmartStax hybrids need only 5% refuge and new art on the seed bag will tell that story.

Mycogen is taking a stab at clearing up what could be a new kind of confusion for refuge acres in 2010 as new products come to market. To help growers better understand refuge requirements for all of its brands - including Mycogen SmartStax - the company is adding a refuge icon to seed tags and product catalogs. The move comes on the heels of the recent approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of the SmartStax technology - and in that registration EPA reduced the refuge requirement for growers who use the product.

Growers will find new icons on seed tags that let them know just how much refuge a specific hybrid will require. New SmartStax technology calls for less refuge in the Corn Belt.

SmartStax refuge is reduced to 5% in the Corn Belt, while traditional Bt hybrids require a 20% refuge. In cotton country, SmartStax refuge is 20% versus the 50% required for other Bt types.

To make sure growers know the refuge requirement for the seed they buy, Mycogen is using icons to clearly identify the refuge requirement of either 5% or 20% in the Corn Belt. Compliance with refuge requirements is key to protecting the Bt technology.

The company has also launched, a Web site to help educate growers about the new technology. The site includes in-depth information about SmartStax. Visit the site to learn more.

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