Seed.Pro Streamlines Seed Processing

Seed delivery system includes weather-tight design.

The new Seed.Pro 400-bu. seed delivery system helps streamline planting with an innovative weather-tight design that allows bulk seed to be procured and stored outside on the farm ahead of planting, reducing last-minute seed pickup hassles. It also reduces labor compared to smaller bulk containers.

Seed.Pro includes two 200-bu. durable plastic bins enclosed in a beefy steel frame. The unique design allows delivery of up to two filled Seed.Pro units with a standard semi or drop-deck trailer. No special unloading equipment is required. When placed on a flatbed trailer, the unit can be converted to a tender with an optional conveyor attachment.

BULK SEED HANDLING: Seed Pro's 400-bu. bulk seed system helps planting efficiency by keeping enough seed

in the field to feed planters and with design features that allow easy movement of the Seed Pro units.

Seed.Pro is designed for durability, protection against the elements and ease of handling. The 200-bu. bins are constructed of durable linear low-density polyethylene, with a minimum wall thickness of 3/8 inch. Sealed, vented bin lids have double walls for added strength. Corner frame members and bottom rails are made from beefy 4 x 4-inch box steel that’s a quarter inch thick. Access to bin lids is provided by a steel ladder with expanded metal grip surfaces on rungs. Bin lids and sliding steel emptying gates can be sealed and locked.

The bulk seed delivery system’s leg system was designed to simplify delivery and eliminate the need for special equipment. During transit, the Seed.Pro rests on the bottom rails with its telescoping legs straddling the trailer. On site, legs are extended and Seed.Pro is raised using four integral screw jacks, each rated at 10,000 pounds. Legs use over-center dual-pin latches with self-aligning, spring-loaded locking pins to simplify adjustment. Once Seed.Pro is raised, the trailer pulls away, leaving the unit in place.

Seed.Pro is 9 feet, 11 inches tall and approximately 11 feet square. It weighs 2,550 pounds when empty.

For information, contact FarmChem at 800/247-1854 or visit

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