Self-propelled forage harvester line expands

Self-propelled forage harvester line expands

Krone adds four new models to its Big X line of harvesters.

Krone is building on its success in the self-propelled forage harvester market by expanding its Big X line of machines. The company has announced the addition of four new models to the line. 

The four new models include the Big X 480 at 489 hp; the 530 at 523 hp; the 580 at 585 hp and the 630 at 617 hp.

Cabs for these machines are completely redesigned to increase visibility and function. The sloped body and low rear end allow for enhanced visibility to the back and to the side. The cab has a 10-inch touch screen monitor and creates a comfortable workspace. All hydraulic components and the on-board air compressor are located by the steps for easy access.

Krone adds four machines to its Big X line of self-propelled forage harvesters.

Crop flow components have been redesigned to meet the machine’s lower horsepower requirements. That includes narrowing the feed roll width while maintaining six rolls in the design to ensure an evenly compacted crop mat.

Power for these new machines comes from an MTU-R6 Tier 4 final engine that’s transversely mounted. The two main advantages of that engine mounting includes better weight distribution and it provides a direct line of power transfer to the chopping drum.

Krone offers PowerSplit on the Big X 530 and 630 models. PowerSplit is an intelligent electronic engine management system that automatically adjusts the engine output to the current harvest conditions. In the field, the operator has the choice of two modes, Eco-Power and X-Power. For applications that need less input power, such as second cuttings, the fuel efficient Eco-Power mode can be used. X-Power is best utilized when maximum power is needed, such as high yielding corn, giving the BiG X an unprecedented power dimension. Learn more at

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