Senate Re-Votes on Farm Bill

The complete Farm Bill is headed back to President.

The Senate passed the Farm Bill, including the trade title that was left out of the bill previously sent to the President, by a vote of 77-15 Thursday afternoon. The bill in now headed to the desk of President Bush and is almost cetain to be vetoed again.

"I'm not aware of any changes in the bill that have been made," Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer says. "Or any changes of heart by any members of Congress have put forth on meeting the President's requirements. I expect this bill to be vetoed."

Although the vote was smaller the second time around, the 77 votes cast in favor of the bill are still more than enough to override a veto. The House and Senate previously overrode the Farm Bill veto enacting 14 of the 15 titles of the bill. The re-vote by Congress was to include the trade title in the final legislation.

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