Senator Wants Change in Cap-and-Trade

Senator Wants Change in Cap-and-Trade

Kerry pushing change to give President more discretion.

The U.S. Senate is considering changes to the cap-and-trade portion of the House-passed climate change bill. A proposed import tariff in the bill would start in 2020 and target energy-intensive goods from certain countries that do not make carbon reduction commitments of their own. That's if the administration finds that other U.S. efforts to minimize the impact on domestic firms had not worked.


Under the House language that was insisted upon by Ways and Means Committee Democrats, the President could issue a tariff waiver if the administration thought it was in the national interest. But for the waiver to take effect Congress would have to pass a joint resolution affirming it within 90 days.


Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., says the bill should be changed so the President has some discretion to stay more in line with World Trade Organization rules.

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