Sequential feeding program boosts milk output

Sequential feeding program boosts milk output

Eight-year study shows value of program showing increase of more than 2,700 pounds in first lactation.

Getting dairy calves off to a good start is important for the overall life of the cow. Early nutrition builds the basis for a higher-producing cow and Purina Animal Nutrition is showing new data supporting the concept that its Ampli-Calf Program makes a difference.

Purina Animal Nutrition research shows value of sequential feeding in getting cows off to solid performance in a first lactataion.

The sequential feeding program has been shown in an 8-year study to increase first lactation milk production performance of calves by as much as 2,740 pounds. The company notes multiple industry research studies have shown the growth and lifetime production benefits of each step of a full potential program. The research from Purina Animal Nutrition Center builds on that data, quantifying the advantage when each feeding step is sequentially followed through 6 months of age.

Data from 162,577 lactation observations and 650 animals studied at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center was analyzed from April 2007 to October 2014. The Ampli-Calf Program diet includes a milk diet, +22% starter, +18% grower, each designed for a critical stage of calf growth and nutrition, the company explains. The program includes palatability and immune function enhancing ingredients, the feeds included in the three-step Purina Ampli-Calf Program establishes feed preference and intake imprinting with calves.

You can learn more about the program and calculate potential return on investment for your dairy by contacting your Purina Animal Nutrition representative or go to

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