Servi-Tech Offers Remote Tracker For Irrigation

Servi-Tech Offers Remote Tracker For Irrigation

TheProfiler is comprehensive soil moisture monitoring system, helps producers get most out of irrigation dollars.

Imagine being able to remotely track how much moisture your crops receive and being able to maximize your irrigation dollars.

A new product from Servi-Tech allows producers to do just that.

TheProfiler, a comprehensive soil moisture monitoring system that uses telemetry from AgSense, is available immediately. It can be used throughout the United States.

TheProfiler includes three soil moisture sensors that are set up to monitor soil depths of 12, 24, and 36 inches, a telemetry control box with cell modem, solar panel, mounting brackets, and hardware.

TheProfiler was created by Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services, LLC, or STEPS.

Servi-Tech Offers Remote Tracker For Irrigation

Jeff Kugler, STEPS CEO, said TheProfiler was inspired by a few factors. The first, he said, is to do a better job managing irrigation by closely and precisely monitoring soil moisture. Other factors included the increasing cost of irrigation and the decline in the ground water supply.

"Ground water is a limited resource that we need to conserve so that future generations also have this resource," Kugler said.

It has taken STEPS two years to develop TheProfiler, partnering with Irrometer and AgSense.

TheProfiler takes a Watermark sensor reading, which monitors soil moisture, every 30 minutes. Once the readings are taken, the data is uploaded to The data is viewed in graph form. The user can view the data in a one day up to 30-day time frame, allowing analyzing short and long-term soil moisture trends.

TheProfiler is valued at $1,995.

The price includes all of the equipment, the first year modem subscription, and web access. The solar panel charges the internal battery in the control box, eliminating the need for any additional power source.

There is optional equipment, including a tipping rain bucket and an additional sensor to monitor either 6 inch or 48 inch depth.

TheProfiler is available for the current 2012 growing season. The product can be used throughout the United States. If your area has cell phone coverage, TheProfiler will work.

TheProfiler may be purchased by calling the Servi-Tech office at 800-557-7509 or by contacting Jeff Kugler at 402-362-9278. To learn more about TheProfiler visit

STEPS, LLC was formed in 2009 to pursue technologies that would benefit current and future customers in making their farm operations more profitable.

Servi-Tech was organized in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives to provide technical service for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. Today, Servi-Tech provides consulting to approximately 2,000 farmers across five states and over 1 million acres.

Servi-Tech Laboratories established its first laboratory in Dodge City in 1977. It has since opened the Hastings, Neb. Laboratory in 1999 and a third laboratory in Amarillo, Texas.  The labs test soil, water, feed, plant tissue, fertilizer, manure, and more.

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