Several Agencies Create Climate Research Program

Several Agencies Create Climate Research Program

Joint climate change prediction research program will provide funding for model proposals.

USDA, the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation have agreed to create a joint climate change prediction research program. The program will designate nearly $50 million to develop climate system models that provide insights on climate variability and impacts on ecosystems. Roger Beachy, Director of USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, says it's important to understand the potential impact of climate change on our world and how to proactively mitigate its consequences. He says the effects of climate change on the land, crops and animals raise some of the most serious issues faced by producers.

NIFA, DOE and NSF will release a request for proposals for the program in Fiscal Year 2010. USDA says the program seeks proposals that couple climate models at different spatial and temporal scales to erosion, geomorphic change, land use, water management and food production. USDA will support research to develop climate models that can be linked to crop, forestry, aquaculture and livestock models to assess the adequacy of potential outcomes of risk management strategies so that development and yields can be projected reliably at different spatial and temporal scales.

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