Shell Announces Ladder of Protection

Shell Announces Ladder of Protection

Rotella engine oils now represent all of Shell's diesel lubricant applications.

In a move aimed at simplifying customer choices for Shell diesel engine lubricants, Shell Lubricants officials have reshuffled some branding, added two new high-end heavy duty oils and replaced company-related Pennzoil and Quaker State labels with the Rotella brand.


Top-of-the-line Shell heavy-duty engine oils make up the upper end of Shell's new "Ladder of Protection" available from suppliers October 1, 2009.

Introducing the "Ladder of Protection", Shell now offers fleet and individual consumers a five-brand "ladder" of Rotella products to meet varying needs within the diesel engine oil marketplace. At the top of the ladder is a new full-synthetic oil, Rotella T6, a 5W40 multi-weight oil for extreme hot and cold conditions and improved fuel efficiency benefits. Next, Rotella T5 is a semi-synthetic blend in 10W30 weight that also offers better fuel economy than the conventional 15W40 oils popular with diesel owners.


The company's popular Rotella T "with triple protection", introduced in 2007, remains the mainstay of conventional 15W40 lubrication in the "ladder" and will remain unchanged through the 2010 shift to stricter emission standards for on and off-highway diesel applications. It does, however, carry a new 22% reduced wear claim based on experience in the lab and on the road over the past three years, compared against conventional 15W40 Rotella T3.


T3, a multigrade oil designed for Shell's large fleet customers, and Rotella T1, a single weight oil round out the "ladder". All five oils meet CJ-4 specifications for the latest iteration of engines, including those using diesel particulate filters as part of their emission control strategy.


All of the Rotella formulations boast what Shell calls "Energized Protection," proprietary additives that react to heat and pressure to place molecular films and detergents at critical points in an engine during high loads, high temperatures, or high deposit formation. The same technology has been promoted in the Quaker State brand for passenger car applications, but the Rotella formulations are designed specifically for heavy-duty diesel applications.


The "Ladder of Protection," announced September 23, will be available from retailers and fleet suppliers October 1, 2009.

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