Shell Offers Energy Efficient Hydraulic Fluid

Shell Offers Energy Efficient Hydraulic Fluid

Lubricant maker engineers flow improvement into new hydraulic oil.

Energy consumption cuts of 8% are part of the selling point of Shell Lubricant's new Shell Tellus EE hydraulic oil.


Tellus EE is the company's first synthetic hydraulic fluid designed specifically to help improve energy efficiency of machinery in which it is used. Patented additives are cited for the reduced energy drain and the ability of Tellus EE to retain excellent lubrication and operating dependability through regular change intervals. Tellus EE meets OEM requirements of the leading hydraulic equipment manufacturers.


Energy efficiency in hydraulic fluid is one of the claims Shell Lubricants has for its new Shell Tellus EE hydraulic oil.

Shell officials say Tellus EE is the result of intensive fluid mechanics studies which pinpoint areas in which energy is wasted with traditional oils. Overall, they say this study helps make the new oil a valuable tool in reducing overall fleet operation costs.


For more on Tellus EE, call (713) 241-4544.

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