Shield maximizes drag chain use

Shield maximizes drag chain use

Yetter rolls out new Drag Chain Shield to reduce hassle, improve planting efficiency.

Under the gun to get planted? Who isn't just about every Spring? You don't want to have a hassle with drag chains getting caught in trash wheels. Yetter Farm Equipment solves the problem with the new 6200-040 Drag Chain Shield. The shield prevents drag chains from flipping up and catching on spiked closing wheels in rugged field conditions. 

Keeping chains at work, not tangled up, is a productivity issue, which means it’s a money waster. The Yetter solution is simple and cost effective. When conditions don't require a drag chain, the shield allows you to store the chain without the need of extra tools. The Drag Chain Shield mounts to the drag chain arms for more support.

The 6400-040 Drag Chain Shield keeps that chain where it belongs - off spiked closing wheels.

The kit includes all necessary mounting hardware, and is quick to install on each row unit. The system is compatible with all known closing wheels and drag chains. You can view more information, and photos, about the Drag Chain Shield. For ordering information call 800-447-5777 or visit

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