Simplify Registered Product Data

Knowtify can help keep you on top of regulated products.

If you regularly work with products which must be documented for state or Environmental Protection Agency records, Knowtify can help simplify your record keeping.

Kelly Registration Systems of Covington, Ga., is offering Knowtify as a three-pronged solution to information needs for those dealing with regulated products. The system includes automatic e-mail/text message updates, research and product comparisons, and in-depth document searches.

Kelly officials say Knowtify helps get users information when they want or need it as soon as it is available.

Knowtify offers specific categories to help narrow updates by new products, deleted or cancelled products, new pests associated with products, new active ingredients, new companies, etc.
In addition, state-specific updates can be monitored.

Kelly offers a free online demonstration and a 30-day trial of Knowtify at:

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