SmartStax Corn Hybrid Planted for Commercial Production

SmartStax Corn Hybrid Planted for Commercial Production

The first known planting of the hybrid happened last week in Texas.

Dow AgroSciences has announced the first known planting of a SmartStaxcorn hybrid for commercial production. The planting began last week by a farmer in San Patricio County, Texas, and was sold through Triumph Seed, a seed affiliate of Dow AgroSciences. SmartStax is the most advanced corn trait platform available in the industry.

SmartStax combines the industry's leading above- and below-ground insect protection and herbicide tolerant traits for the most yield protection available to farmers. All SmartStax hybrids also contain Roundup Ready and LibertyLink technologies for broad-spectrum weed control. SmartStax allows growers to reduce refuge while providing dual modes of action for superior insect protection and greater overall whole farm yields.

"We're excited that the first SmartStax corn hybrid planted in the U.S. for commercial production was sold through an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences. Corn farmers who plant hybrids with SmartStax will benefit from increased productivity due to improved pest protection and a reduced refuge," said Ben Kaehler, General Manager for the Dow AgroSciences Seed Affiliates.

SmartStax is sold by Dow AgroSciences through its seed brands, which include Mycogen Seeds, Triumph Seed, Brodbeck Seeds, Dairyland Seed, Pfister Seeds, Renze Seeds and Hyland Seeds.

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