SOCC Petitions EPA For Generic 2,4-D Label

SOCC Petitions EPA For Generic 2,4-D Label

Group says generic 2,4-D has higher risk of drift

The Save Our Crops Coalition on Friday petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to require generic forms of 2,4-D to bear label statements indicating use on 2,4-D tolerant crops is prohibited.

SOCC says generic forms of 2,4-D drift and volatilize. It is currently illegal to use generic forms of 2,4-D on 2,4-D tolerant crops.

However, SOCC Chairman Steve Smith says the law needs a label. "To avoid confusion and accidental violations of the law, the labels need to clearly tell applicators what the legal restrictions are. Illegally using a generic 2,4-D formulation could easily result in wiping out neighboring crops."

Group says generic 2,4-D has higher risk of drift

The Save Our Crops Coalition focuses on preventing injury to non-target plants from exposure to 2,4-D and dicamba. SOCC is not opposed to plant technology advances, particularly genetic modification, but note that 2,4-D and dicamba are likely to be used more extensively upon the introduction of new crops that are genetically modified for tolerance to 2,4-D and dicamba. 

Dow AgroSciences, which recently signed an agreement with SOCC regarding 2,4-D, has petitioned to use only its advanced low drift and volatility 2,4-D formulation on 2,4-D tolerant crops.

The previous Dow-SOCC agreement indicated Dow would amend its pending label for new 2,4-D tolerant crops to include statements relating to herbicide applications near sensitive crops. SOCC in turn amended its petition to the EPA which challenged applications for approval of Dow's new crop varieties.

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