Some Expect Food Safety Bill Discussions Next Week

Some Expect Food Safety Bill Discussions Next Week

Smaller producers would like some changes to legislation.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, also known as S.510, could come up for discussion on the Senate floor next week. As written, this bill would give the Food and Drug Administration new responsibilities for food safety. All food facilities would be required to register with the Department of Health and Human Services.  If a recall is appropriate and the responsible parties refuse to establish a recall, HHS would have the authority to do so.

Some of the smaller producer organizations would like to see the bill changed to include exemptions for facilities that had gross incomes of less than $500,000 over the previous three years. They would also like those same facilities to enjoy exemptions for traceback and recordkeeping requirements. And they wish to see producers who focus mainly on retail sales exempt from the law.

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