Sorghum Checkoff Ends First Year

Sorghum Checkoff Ends First Year

Checkoff impacted sorghum industry favorably.

The United Sorghum Checkoff Program has released its 2009 annual report, a summary of the checkoff's first year and the impact checkoff dollars have had on the sorghum industry. During the year the checkoff developed bylaws, policies and a strategic plan to guide the board in its decisions to improve grower's bottom lines. It also, funded 27 research projects. Some include research in cold and drought tolerance, over-the-top grass and weed control, nitrogen use and best management practices. 


According to Sorghum Checkoff president Bill Greving, market development is a major priority for the Sorghum Checkoff and, in conjunction with the U.S. Grains Council, the checkoff has sponsored several foreign buyer missions. One directly resulted in a 25,000 ton purchase of U.S. sorghum by the Moroccan poultry industry. The checkoff has also worked with ethanol plants to increase their inclusion of sorghum in ethanol.


The Sorghum Checkoff will soon offer production handbooks as a pocket guide to growing better sorghum.  Growers can expect to see these available for different regions of U.S in the spring of 2010.   

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