Sorghum Checkoff Produces Livestock Feeding Guides

Sorghum Checkoff Produces Livestock Feeding Guides

Sorghum livestock feeding guides show producers how to get the most from feeding sorghum and sorghum distillers grains.

The United Sorghum Checkoff Program recently released livestock feeding guides to better educate livestock producers on the feeding value of sorghum.

 These guides target beef, swine, poultry and dairy producers and contain information from the most effective processing methods to the value of distillers grains. These feeding guides will show exactly how to get the most out of feeding sorghum in your operation.

The beef, poultry and swine guides are available now, and dairy producers can expect to see a guide targeting their industry in the near future.

To request a printed feeding guide, contact the Sorghum Checkoff at [email protected]. A downloadable copy of the beef, poultry, and swine is available on our website

Watch for more on this story in the December Kansas Farmer magazine.

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