Sorghum Growers Get New Tool in Fight Against Weeds

Lexar, Lumax both registered for use in grain sorghum.

One of the top items on the wish list of sorghum growers – more herbicides – can be crossed off.

Syngenta Crop Protection has received federal registration for Lumax and Lexar herbicides for use in grain sorghum.

"Lumax received registration last year but it will mean a lot to growers to have both approved. They have the same active ingredients but in different formulas that work better in different areas or soils,"said Phil Stahlman, weed scientist at Kansas State University. K-State worked with Syngenta to discover how to prevent crop injury from Lexar.

Stahlman said adding Lexar is especially important in central and eastern Kansas were Palmer amaranth is a serious weed problem.

Mark Kitt, with Syngenta, said that the products are important to growers who face problems with weeds that have developed a resistance to glyphosate.

Stahlman said Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and kochia have also developed resistance to ALS-inhibiting and triazine herbicides as well as glyphosate.

Syngenta has also announced the approval of Quilt fungicide for use in grain sorghum as well as wheat.

"We have seen good results in yield bumps using Quilt," Kitt said. "Research in Arkansas brought as much as 12 bushels to the acre increase when Quilt was applied in the boot to mid-flower growth period."

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