South Korea Takes Action on FMD

South Korea Takes Action on FMD

Fighting an outbreak since Nov. 29, the country is pushing up the alert level and vaccinating some key animalst to stop spread of the disease.

South Korean officials, trying to stem a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak that started Nov. 29, have signaled the highest alert against the disease. This higher alert level will include more aggressive quarantine and the administration of vaccine to cattle.

According to the Vet's Web website, South Korean health authorities have begun vaccinating 133,000 animals in five affected areas as the epidemic continues to spread. The vaccinations will be administered only to animals that are more vulnerable to the disease - pigs and other cloven-hoofed animals are excluded.

Current measures, that include preemptive culling of susceptible animals near outbreaks have not been effective in controlling the spread of the disease. The aggressive spread of the disease had infected more than 50 herds in the last 30 days.

The aggressive approach may stem the tide of this latest outbreak - the fourth since 2000 in South Korea.

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