SowBridge online courses offer hog management education

SowBridge online courses offer hog management education

SowBridge program offers 12 online classes for hog producers, farm managers

SowBridge programs, hosted with cooperation from Kansas State University and 10 more land-grant universities, will kick off Feb. 4 with the first of 12 monthly hog management distance education sessions for 2015.

The programs, designed for anyone who is managing sows, boars or pig litters, include information on swine identification; PEDV; temperature management of sows and piglets; on-farm necropsies; fostering litters; feeding the lactating and weaning sow; and more.

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SowBridge includes the latest information on sows, boars, and litters. Presentations are delivered electronically through 12 Wednesday sessions.

SowBridge program offers 12 online classes for hog producers, farm managers

Organizers are encouraging quick signups so subscribers will have the materials they need in time for the first session.

Joel DeRouchey, livestock specialist with K-State Research and Extension, says SowBridge participants can take part where it works best for them – at home, in an office or in the swine unit. Audio files from each session also can be downloaded for later use.

SowBridge combines electronic information viewed on a computer with live presentations by topic experts via telephone, so no internet access is necessary at the time of the presentation.

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About a week before each session, SowBridge subscribers receive a web link (depending on their location) with specific presentation and additional information provided by the presenter. Participants call in for the audio portion of each session and follow along with the presentation on their computer. Each 45-minute session starts at 11:30 a.m. Central time.

The fee to participate is $250 for the full year. Additional subscriptions from the same business are available at half the cost.

Visit the K-State Research and Extension website at for more information.

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