Soybean Planting Rate Recommendations Reduced

Fewer soybean plants per acre needed to suppress weeds.

Kansas State University's latest soybean seeding rate recommendations call for three seeds per square foot or 130,680 seeds per acre.

Kraig Roozeboom, research and extension crop production and cropping systems specialist, said the planting rate assumes 80 percent emergence and a final stand of about 105,000 plants per acre.

He said the seeding rate applies to all row widths, planting dates and all varieties.

In high-yield, irrigated environments, the final stand should be closer to 150,000 plants per acre.

These recommendations are about 42,000 seeds per acre (and 35,000 plants per acre) less than the recommendations of the mid-1990s, he added.

"Research has shown that weed suppression by the soybean canopy is not as important to maintain yield now as it had been in the past because of the widespread use of glyphosate-resistant varieties," the agronomist said.

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