Soybean Rust Found Overwintering in Texas

The Asian soybean rust in Hidalgo County, Texas, is the farthest west rust has been found overwintering this year.

Asian soybean rust was discovered in an old-crop and volunteer commercial soybean field in Hidalgo County, Texas, late last week, marking the farthest west the fungus has been found overwintering this year.

A few pustules were found on volunteer plants and on some R6 plants missed by the combine previously. The field will soon be disked, and a Texas commentary on says that while commercial soybean will be planted in south Texas in several weeks, "the soybeans with rust in Hidalgo County will be gone by then."

Meanwhile, in Georgia, a report this week changed two positive counties to "confirmed, rust no longer found" because cold temperatures had knocked back the infected leaves in two counties.

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