Statistics Show IRON Solutions Site More Popular Than Ever Before

Redesigned Web site offers many options.

New usage statistics show that thousands of new users are being attracted to The newly redesigned site of IRON Solutions, the leading online partner for equipment manufacturers, dealers and personal sellers, is displaying improved functionality and usability.

"More than 1.5 million equipment searches were completed on since its re-launch in July 2008, resulting in millions of page views," said Scott Derksen, IRON Solutions Chief Information Officer. "The first week of September produced the largest number of equipment searches conducted on our site since its origination in 1999. We continue to be committed to providing the best online equipment resources for buyers and sellers."

Buyers now have access to advanced locator tools and dealers also have several new feature options. The newly redesigned IRON Search Web site offers its users a more efficient approach to managing accounts and locating equipment.

Feedback from current and new users of is overwhelmingly positive. Since the launch of the new site in July, site visits have increased 37%, time used per session is up 39% and unique visitors to the site have increased 11%.

One of the most popular sections of the site is the "appraisals" tool, which allows site users to value equipment before posting it for sale or prior to purchase. The online appraisals available on are driven by IRON Solutions Official Guides.

In addition to the online redesign, IRON Solutions recently announced its new print alliance with Farm Progress Companies, providing IRON Search sellers a new cross media outlet for machines in their IRON Search inventory to reach an additional 620,000 Farm Progress readers/buyers each month.

"Equipment dealers have been very responsive to the new opportunity provided by IRON Solutions to promote their equipment in an audited state and regional print medium," reports Derksen. "Our unique approach to displaying the used equipment for sale is by manufacturer, equipment type and model number, making it simple for buyers to find equipment quickly. The new IRON Search section in the Farm Progress publications, is efficient and powerful, and gives dealers another way to turn their inventory and grow their business."

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