Strategy Will Fight Wildfires

Strategy Will Fight Wildfires

Federal, state and local leaders partner for wildfire management.

The Secretaries of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and Interior have announced the formation of a federal partnership with state, regional, local and tribal leaders to develop the Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy to more effectively address America's wildland fire challenges. The formation of the partnership followed a meeting of the Wildland Fire Leadership Council in Washington.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar says the Council's partnerships are key to the establishment of a national, intergovernmental wildfire policy that will ensure the safety of firefighters and the citizens they protect as they confront longer and more intense fire seasons in more regions of the country. Ag Secretary Vilsack called the strategy the best blueprint to ensure community safety and the restoration of ecosystems.

Currently, millions of acres of public lands across the country are at risk of large wildfires due to overcrowded stands of trees, insect infestations, and invasions of non-native species. The group targets the completion of the strategy by this fall.

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