Stress Treatment Improves Corn Yields in Ohio Tests

Product helps plant manage ethylene under extreme conditions.

Research plot results at Ohio State University showed significant improvements – eight to 13 bushels per acre – in corn yields after treatment with Bio-Forge, a product that helps plants manage stress ethylene, a substance produced during extreme weather conditions.

Bio-Forge is a product of the Stoller Group, a Houston-based company which has been working for decades to develop products that help plants maximize their genetic potential. In the Ohio test, University researchers compared corn treated with Bio-Forge to untreated corn and to corn treated with fungicides.
Bio-Forge was applied foliar at the V12 state in a corn plant population with 30,000 seeding rate. The product is an antioxidant that purges plant cells of stress ethylene.

Jerry Stoller, president and CEO of Stoller Group, said it is important to note that stress ethylene differs from the normal amounts of ethylene that spurs natural life cycles such as flowering, reproduction and disease resistance in plants.

When a plant is stressed, such as by drought, flood or heat, it produces spikes in ethylene which cause the plant cells to shut down and die. In targeting that ethylene excess, Bio-Forge helps the plant overcome stress and regain normal function, thus improving grain yields.

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