Summit Held in Kansas City on Wheat Industry

Summit Held in Kansas City on Wheat Industry

Participants held open dialogues about many issues facing wheat industry.

The National Association of Wheat Growers and the North American Millers' Association held a Wheat Summit in Kansas City over the weekend. The focus was on the future of wheat and the wheat industry.


"We talked a lot about research and what role biotechnology will play," said Jerry McReynolds, NAWG First Vice President, said. "There are almost endless exciting opportunities for improvements on the farm and for consumers as more is learned about the wheat genome and developments are made in trans-genics as well as intra-genics, where resources from wheat's own genetic material are used."


The group of 80 invited participants continued open dialogues about issues like adding value, capturing value, liability, stewardship and methods to pool resources to continue much-needed research now and into the future. In addition, food safety and choice for customers were two fundamental issues discussed during the Summit meetings.


The group also discussed quality assurance and addressed the questions of how the industry should go forward, and how do we the different groups within the value chain work together to do what's best for wheat in breeding, licensing and other areas.

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