Sumner County Dryland Farm Sale Sets Record at $6,150 Per Acre

Sumner County Dryland Farm Sale Sets Record at $6,150 Per Acre

United Country-Theurer Auction sells 182-acre dryland tract at record-setting price.

If you thought prices like $6,150 an acre for dryland cropland were reserved for Iowa and Illinois, think again. That's the price that has come to Sumner County.

The gavel of auctioneer Larry Theurer of United Country-Theurer/Realty, fell on the all-time record sale of Sumner County land for a 187.2 acre field of tillable ground, grass and waterway during an evening auction in Wellington on July 25.

The land is located just north of Belle Plaine and several local landowners were competing bidders.

Theurer said every field is going to sell for that kind of price.

187.2 acres of tillable ground, grass and waterway in Sumner County recently sold for $6,150 per acre.

"We need to be cautious when looking at land sales like this one," he said, noting that not all parcels of ground have the same potential. "However, land prices do remain strong and we are optimistic that they will continue to be strong well into the future."

Strong interest from local bidders

While most auctions draw a combination of investment and local bidders, it is common for the winning bid to go to an adjacent landowner. This sale was somewhat unique in that all bidders were local, Theurer said.

United Country-Theurer Auction/Realty has been doing business in South Central Kansas since 1976. The company is a wholly owned and operated franchise of United Country Real Estate, which in turn is the largest fully integrated franchise network of conventional and auction real estate professionals in the United States.

United Country Real Estate is based in Kansas City, Mo. and supports more than 600 offices across the U.S., Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.

For a look at how properties are selling in other parts of the state, be sure to check out the Land page every month when your Kansas Farmer magazine arrives in your mailbox.

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