Sunflower Checkoff Increasing To Five Cents

Sunflower Checkoff Increasing To Five Cents

Voluntary sunflower assessment for promotion, research has been three cents for last eight years; will go up to five cents on Sept. 1

The Sunflower check-off will increase from three cents to five cents per hundredweight, effective Sept. 1.

The check-off is a voluntary assessment paid by producers to cover research and promotion of sunflowers. The assessment rate has been three cents per hundredweight since the Kansas Sunflower Commission was started in 2002.

Kansas law gives the commission authority to assess up to six cents per hundredweight.

The law also provides that producers who wish to receive a refund of the assessment may simply provide evidence of the assessment charges within one year of sale.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture will be sending notification, new paperwork and forms to all first purchasers around the state prior to this year's harvest.

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