Sunflower Launches New Disc Harrow

Sunflower Launches New Disc Harrow

New 1550 offers plenty of width to cover the acres, but a smaller transport footprint thanks to innovative hinge setup.

Disc harrows are a great way to break down material in the field and get started on seedbed preparation for planting time. But to cover a lot of ground, disk harrows have to be wide, and that can cause trouble when moving from field to field. Agco's Sunflower division is meeting that challenge with the new 1550 Series five-section disk harrows.

The new disk harrows feature duplex wing hinges and walking triple tandems you haven't seen on tillage equipment before. That innovative hinge (see image inset with this story) allows for two pivot points - one for transport fold-up; the other for flexing during operation.

An innovative duplex hinge - inset - allows the new Sunflower 1550 to cover big territory, flex more and fold to a more narrow shape for transport. Agco has a patent pending on this design.

That lower portion of the hinge helps maintain proper blade spacing and offers more down flex allowing the harrows to contour to the terrain.

In the field, the Sunflower 1550 series spans 50-feet to cover more acres, but folds to about 18-feet wide and 14-feet high for transport. That duplex hinge also allows the unite to be 30% to 40% more flexible and maneuverable than competitive five-section tools.

The walking triple tandem axle allows the unit to work over obstacles with the front and middle wheels, then the middle and back wheels. While it work like a traditional walking tandem, it allows for 50% more weight carrying capacity. That 50-foot wide 1550-50 weighs 33,300 pounds - or more than 600 pounds per foot. That's plenty of cutting power in a high residue situation.

You can learn more about this new tool by visiting

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