Survey Focuses on School Food

Survey Focuses on School Food

More respondents think lack of exercise greater contributor to obesity than cafeteria food.

Hamburgers, chicken nuggets and pizza were three foods that were specifically targeted for removal by some of the 801 adults who responded to a poll commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Sixteen percent thought pizza should never be served, with chicken nuggets closely following at 14%. Nine percent wanted hamburgers off the menu, slightly more than the 7% who'd like to see canned vegetables ousted.

The survey, conducted across the country, found significant concern about childhood obesity, with 86% classifying the issue as either a problem or a crisis. Seventy-one percent cited recess and physical education cuts as contributing factors to obesity, versus the 45% who thought cafeteria food was a significant element.

The results also show broad agreement about how to tackle obesity, with more than 85% in favor of serving fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Providing locally-grown food to students was at least a moderate priority in 95% of responses. An hour of required daily exercise for schoolchildren was also popular, with almost 90% of respondents describing it as either the top priority or a high priority.

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