Survey on Wheat Biotech Is in the Mail

Wheat growers can weigh in on biotech.

Wheat growers will be getting a packet in the mail seeking their input about adding biotechnology traits to wheat.

The survey has been commissioned by the National Association of Wheat Growers and will be used to measure and document support for biotech commercialization among wheat growers.

Responses to the survey, which was sent on Dec. 28 are due back by Jan. 19.
Acreage planted to wheat in the United States has steadily declined for the past 30 years, particularly as other crops that have access to biotech traits have competed for producer interest and delivered greater returns. NAWG and many other groups in the "wheat chain" believe biotechnology will be a key component in the future competitiveness of wheat as a crop by providing a variety of agronomic and, eventually, consumer advantages.

For more information on the survey and to read the full petition, visit NAWG's biotechnology page at:

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