Survey Results of Soybean Farmers Reported

Survey Results of Soybean Farmers Reported

Sustainability movement is strongly supported by producers.

U.S. soybean farmers, who responded to a survey conducted by the United Soybean Board and soybean checkoff, identify strongly with the sustainability movement and have or may be willing to make changes on their farms that will help make the entire U.S. soybean industry even more sustainable. Sixty-four percent of the farmers reported having made on-farm changes that will make them more sustainable, an 11% increase over last fall's survey. Most made those changes because they believe they're stewards of the land and it's the right thing to do.   


USB Communications Chair Vanessa Kummer says in order to meet global food needs now and in the future, USB will continue to lead efforts of U.S. soybean farmers to provide the increased food, feed and fuel that will be needed in the future. USB says soybeans, as a crop, are sustainable and will be a part of the solution of feeding a growing population.


The survey report also revealed that a plurality of farmers believe that the recently completed return-on-investment study is accurate.  That study found that the soybean checkoff has returned $6.40 in additional profits to U.S. soybean farmers for every checkoff dollar invested.

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