Sustainability Focus at United Fresh Meeting

Sustainability Focus at United Fresh Meeting

Meeting will explore sustainability in produce industry.

At the conclusion of the United Fresh 2010 Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United Fresh Foundation's Center for Global Produce Sustainability will host an exploration of the increasingly important topic of sustainability in the produce industry. The program will be held on Friday, April 23 and will provide attendees first with a baseline definition of sustainability, then with a comprehensive understanding of how this important issue is affecting the produce industry, and finally how attendees can use advances in sustainable practices to increase the profitability of their businesses.

Rob Neenan, vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability for United Fresh, says that the issue of sustainability has become a key topic for many retailers and consumers alike. While some in the industry are developing their own sustainability programs, Neenan points out that many firms remain uncertain as to what it means to be sustainable, how sustainability can be measured, and how implementing a sustainability program may add tangible value to their business. This conference will provide examples of companies that are successfully pursuing sustainable practices, and explore how these practices can lead to higher profits.

Highlighting the meeting will be a presentation by USDA Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics, Dr. Molly Jahn who will discuss the increasing attention that USDA is focusing on environmental issues, including sustainability. Several other company officials will talk about why sustainability matters and ongoing global sustainability programs and how they can benefit the corporate financial bottom line.

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