Sustainable practices offer whole-farm potential

Sustainable practices offer whole-farm potential

Keeping up with new practices, and considering in-season tactics that offer sustainable support, is aim of new web effort.

The word 'sustainable' has taking on some baggage lately, yet for business-focused farmers the term still means something: On farm management practices that help produce a profitable crop while helping preserve the operation for the future.

The Farm Progress family of Midwest publications has teamed up with the United Soybean Board to create a web page that offers tips, insight and information both for this season, and the future, with a focus on sustainability.

Maintaining a farm for the future involves using practices that are, by nature, sustainable. A new web effort offers readers information to help boost sustainable practices on their farms.

By by visiting you can check out in-season crop reports, new ideas on cover crops, tactics for smart fertility management and other factors that aim to help you harvest a productive and profitable crop. It's a quick one-stop "shop" providing you information you need when you need it on sustainable farming practices.

Over the next few months a visit to this page can offer insight into a number of sustainability-focused tactics for your farm business. Sustainability is more than a buzz-word for your farm, it's an approach most farmers have followed for generations to make sure their farms succeed into the future.

Modern farming sustainability usually takes on a holistic approach from the way crop protection products are used to incorporation, or refinement, of practices proven to improve a farm's soil health and fertility - like cover crops. You'll find that information, and more, on this web page.

Check out the page, including insights from key farmers around the Midwest, to learn more about what sustainability means to agriculture and your farm.

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