Syngenta Announces Licensing Agreements

Syngenta Announces Licensing Agreements

Dow AgroSciences gains license for cotton traits.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. announced that it has licensed its transgenic cotton event, COT102, containing the novel Vip3A protein, to Dow AgroSciences, which plans to combine it with WideStrike Insect Protection to develop its next generation products.  In December 2009, another Syngenta licensee of the COT102 event, Monsanto Company, announced plans to stack COT102 with Genuity Bollgard II to create their future insect control product, Bollgard III.


These decisions reaffirm the innovation of Vip3A, the market's first non-Cry insect control protein and a breakthrough tool providing broad spectrum control of lepidopteran pests while creating new options for insect resistance management (IRM).


"Efficacy of the Vip3A protein is truly remarkable, and Syngenta is excited that cotton growers in the United States will finally have access to this important technology," said David Morgan, President of Syngenta Seeds of North America. "We are also proud that through these licenses, Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto have recognized the value of Syngenta science."


While Syngenta does not operate a cotton seed business, the company is committed to assisting cotton producers by providing yield-preserving technologies including traits, seed care products and crop protection products. Syngenta's Vip3A technology brings much needed support to Southern cotton growers, who face persistent pressure from pests such as the cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm and the entire armyworm complex.


Upon receipt of the remaining regulatory approvals, Syngenta will offer the Vip3A protein in another crop – corn.  The Vip3A protein in corn, known as the Agrisure Viptera trait, has been shown in Syngenta field trials1 to control damaging insects from the multi-pest complex (corn earworm, fall armyworm, Western bean cutworm, black cutworm, stalk borer and sugarcane borer) and significantly reduce development of molds and mycotoxins. "We anticipate that corn growers will also benefit from the breakthrough control Vip3A provides in the future through Agrisure Corn Traits, the Syngenta system of high-performance in-seed traits," added Morgan.  


For more information on the multi-pest complex, visit

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