Syngenta, DuPont Collaborate for Fungicide Launch

Syngenta, DuPont Collaborate for Fungicide Launch

The two crop protection giants have a licensing agreement aimed at bringing more new products to market.

Corporate collaborations are more common than ever these days in the crop protection and crop biotech business. It's long been known that no single company has access to all the technology. The latest announcement comes with news that Syngenta and DuPont have announced licensing agreements that will broaden each company's crop protection portfolio.

According to a press statement, Syngenta gets a global license from DuPont to develop products containing DuPont's fungicide oxathiapiprolin. This new piperidinyl thiazole isoxazoline class of fungicides offers growers new options for disease control in potatoes, grapes, vegetables and other specialty crops.

FUNGICIDE DEAL: Syngenta and DuPont have signed new licensing deals for access to fungicide technologies.

With this deal, Syngenta has exclusive rights for foliar and soil uses on all crops in North America and for lawn and garden uses globally. In addition, Syngenta has the rights on certain crops to use the new fungicide in seed treatments globally, and for development of foliar and soil uses on certain (unspecified) crop outside of North America.

This is a two way agreement that also gives DuPont exclusive access to Syngenta's Solatenol for mixing with DuPont's picoxystrobin fungicide on soybeans and other crops in Brazil. Solatenol is a new benz-pyrazole SDHI fungicide that offers a new mode of action to the market and it controls Asian rust in soybeans.

Check out the original release here.

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