Syngenta, Embrapa Establish Multi-Crop Partnership

Syngenta, Embrapa Establish Multi-Crop Partnership

Corn, cotton and soybeans will benefit.

Syngenta has entered into a long-term multi-crop partnership with Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, to advance solutions for Brazilian growers to improve crop quality and yield. The agreement will initially focus on opportunities in corn, cotton and soybean and will benefit Brazilian growers both large and small.

Syngenta and Embrapa will work together to broaden the offer of technologies in corn, including seeds. In cotton, Syngenta is field testing Embrapa's seed varieties with customers of different regions to identify potential integrated solutions. In soybean, Syngenta and Embrapa will share expertise to identify and treat the main diseases and nematodes. The partnership aims to extend to other crops such as sugarcane, as well as into other Latin American countries.

"Syngenta and Embrapa are both committed to bringing science and innovation to Brazilian agriculture to offer growers an integrated portfolio of solutions," said John Atkin, Syngenta COO Crop Protection. "We look forward to learning and developing from each other's strengths and advancing the efficiency and global competitiveness of Brazilian farmers."

"This agreement represents another step forward in establishing innovative partnerships, combining Embrapa's expertise with that of the private sector, and favoring socio-economic development mainly in national agriculture," said Pedro Arraes, Head of Embrapa.

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