Syngenta to Sell Soybeans by Seed Count

Syngenta to Sell Soybeans by Seed Count

The new EZ-Count system provides growers with a more precise and convenient way to order and plant soybean seeds

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. announced that it will begin selling soybean seed in EZ-Count 140,000 seed units for the 2010 planting season.


By selling soybeans in EZ-Count 140,000 seed units rather than 50-pound units, Syngenta provides growers with a more accurate way to order seed and aligns with grower interest in precision planting. EZ-Count eliminates concern over seed size and weight variation and allows growers to select varieties based on agronomic characteristics that are best for their farm, rather than the size of the seed.


 "With new soybean technology entering into the marketplace, EZ-Count is a more equitable way for growers to purchase germplasm, traits and seed treatments," said Gene Kassmeyer, head, Syngenta Seeds soybean product line. "The new method provides growers with accuracy, uniform pricing and assurance that they are purchasing the correct amount of seed. There is simply no more guesswork involved when it comes to how many seeds are in a package."        


The weight of EZ-Count 140,000 seed units will vary, however the number of seeds in each unit will always equal 140,000. EZ-Count units will be sold only in paper bags, bulk bags and Q-Bit® Boxes in 2010, but will be offered in all package types for 2011 planting.


EZ-Count soybeans are available in February 2010 for all new NK® Soybeans varieties, including the Aphid Management System varieties. The full NK Soybeans portfolio will be sold as EZ-Count in 2011.

For more information, contact your local Garst Seed Advisor, Golden Harvest Dealer or NK Seeds Retailer.

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