Taking on Grain Bin Safety

Taking on Grain Bin Safety

Sukup offers new zero-entry commercial sweep for bigger bins.

Customer safety drives innovation and for Sukup the latest example is a new Zero-Entry Commercial Sweep for 6-ft. to 156-ft. diameter bins. The new sweep can withstand the demands of bigger grain operations and commercial setups while being operated and powered entirely from outside the bin. The heavy-duty, zero-entry rotating contact offers power to the sweep, so you don't need a drop cord.

Sukup offers new zero-entry commercial sweep for bigger bins

The machine can be operated in both automatic and manual modes. In automatic mode, the controller senses the auger load and advances the sweep without overloading the auger motor, preventing spinning of the pusher tires. The pushers' start and stop points are programmed using a laptop, allowing the auger to run efficiently based on the specific conditions of the bin. In manual mode, the auger and pushers are continually moving forward or are all off. Whichever mode the sweeper is in, it remains a zero-entry unit.

Variable gear ratios on the industrial grade pushers allow the pusher speed to be set independent upon its location on the sweep. This means the pushers apply uniform pressure to the sweep, reducing wear on the inside pushers. These pushers, combined with the 16” diameter auger, industrial grade gear box and an adjustable, rubber-tipped scraper behind the auger, result in capacities ranging from 8000-10,000 bph. Adjustable front auger shields prevent overfeeding the auger.

The Sukup Zero-Entry Commercial Sweep is built to take the weight of the grain in large commercial bins. A heavy-duty frame and sleeved auger ends provide optimal strength. Foam-filled tires are maintenance free and withstand the pressure from deep grain depths. Heavy-duty 3” hanger bearings support the auger and will last through years of use. Industrial grade wear track protects aeration tunnels. Learn more at sukup.com.

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