Tall Tire for Big Sprayers

Tall Tire for Big Sprayers

Michelin launches 50-inch SprayBib for larger sprayers.

Self-propelled sprayers get bigger every year as customers seek ways to cover more acres every day, especially at critical times of the year. But bigger sprayers challenge tire makers with the need to perform while keeping compaction lower and enhancing productivity.

Michelin is stepping up to the challenge with the new 50-inch SprayBib Tire. This is the industry's first VF sprayer tire offered in the larger size. The new Michelin VF420/95R50 177D SprayBib will share all the qualities of the current 46-inch SprayBib range but in the larger dimensions. The tire entered the replacement market in September 2014, and can also be ordered on the new 2015 John Deere R4045 sprayer.

Michelin launches 50-inch SprayBib for larger sprayers.

The tire has the capacity to carry the same load at up to 40% reduction in air pressure compared to standard technology tires, or a greater load at the same pressure. The lower-pressure operation can help avoid issues with compaction when running the larger sprayer.

The tire also has the Michelin Ultraflex casing for a longer service life. And because it can run at a lower pressure, the tire offers up to a 16% larger footprint compared to standard radial tires. And the company claims "excellent road handling and responsiveness, even at a lower pressure."

You can learn more about the new tire at www.michelinag.com.

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