TB Topic of Discussion in Denver

TB Topic of Discussion in Denver

Stakeholders gather to find solution.

The Future of the National Tuberculosis Program is being studied Monday and Tuesday at a meeting in Denver, Colo. The symposium is a focused event for cattlemen, dairymen, veterinarians, regulators, diagnosticians and wildlife experts to come together in a dedicated forum to address the needs of the National Bovine Tuberculosis Program in the United States. The United States Animal Health Association is hosting the event. 


Maine State Veterinarian Donald Hoening, who serves as USAHA President said, "As we continue to deal with TB in livestock and wildlife in the United States it's important that our national program is properly structured to best address the disease in today's challenges."


Hoening says this meeting is an opportunity for USAHA to pull key stakeholders together on a specific topic to help expedite a solution for farmers and ranchers.

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