Tech to cut drift, maximize herbicide performance

Tech to cut drift, maximize herbicide performance

Precision Laboratories offers Intact for drift control, improved herbicide performance.

Precision Laboratories is launching Intact, which is a foliar retention agent and deposition aid designed to maximize drift control for a wide range of crop protection products. The company notes that Intact is compatible in a wide pH range. It delivers consistent performance through the newest drift-reducing nozzles and is required for spraying dicamba-based herbicides.

In its release announcing the product, Jim Reiss, senior vice president of product development at Precision Laboratories notes that "Intact was designed to avoid these performance pitfalls by working in tandem with drift-reduction nozzles to maximize both herbicide performance and drift control."

Intact, a new adjuvant from Precision Laboratories is designed to work with drift reduction nozzles.

He adds that most applicators think about dicamba and drift control, but that is only one aspect of the application process that needs managing. "We believe the safety and efficacy of spray applications can be enhanced by managing factors in the tank, through the air and on the target," he says.

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