Telling the Real Story of America's Farmers

Telling the Real Story of America's Farmers

Farmers told Monsanto they wanted helping telling their story and the "America's Farmers" campaign was born.

When Monsanto representatives asked farmers across the country what they needed, the answer was universal: Help us tell our story, the real story of modern agricultural production.

The "America's Farmers" campaign, launched at Thanksgiving, 2009, was the result. The initial phase included broadcast, print and billboard advertising. The latest segment is the "Mobile Experience," introduced during the 2011 Commodity Classic.

The 53-foot trailer will be traveling the country this summer, giving a wide range of audiences an opportunity to learn more about the challenges of producing food for an exploding world population and how technology is helping to meet those challenges.

At the center of the exhibit are videos of real American farm families, telling their stories in their own words.

Here is a slideshow of what visitors can expect to see:

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