Tend your sprayer for maximum coverage

Tend your sprayer for maximum coverage

Summers Mfg., launches the new Spray Fill Xpress, which aims to boost your sprayer up-time.

The folks at Summers want to keep your sprayer moving next spring so they’re launching the Spray Fill Xpress, which is a patent-pending fill system designed to increase sprayer productivity up to 82%. How do they accomplish that?

The system features a unique chemical batching process and a 3-inch plumbing system that the company claims can reduced fill times from about 30 minutes to less than seven. The result? You’ll cover more acres in a day, with less “standing time” for your sprayer.

The flexible, and innovative, approach by Summers aims to keep your sprayer moving with fast-fill tech.

The system has a modular design allowing you to customize it to your farm’s needs with three, four, five or six stainless steel chemical tanks in 40- or 80-gallon capacities for a top end of 240-gallons. Crop protection products in the tanks can be individually portioned and remain in place until drawn into the sprayer. That avoids premixing, which can cause trouble sometimes. Available flowmeters and scales provide precise measurements. The tanks are deep to avoid splash back an dhave angled bottoms to aid in chemical induction and to ensure complete drainage.

Each tank also has a jug cleanout system, which also doubles as a whole tank rinse when the lid is closed to aid in system cleanup. You can learn more about the system by visiting summersmfg.com.

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