Texas Tech will join Beef Cattle Institute

Texas Tech will join Beef Cattle Institute

K-State, Texas Tech collaboration will result in more research and education opportunities for students and staff

Kansas State University and Texas Tech University have entered an agreement to bring Texas Tech into the Beef Cattle Institute, which fosters collaboration to deal with issues relating to the beef industry.

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The Beef Cattle Institute was established in the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007 under the leadership of Dan Thomson, the Jones professor of production medicine and epidemiology and a Texas Tech alumnus.

Collaboration will result in more research and education opportunities for students and staff, as well as more expertise for beef producers

The Beef Cattle Institute has become one of the world's premier collaborative centers for research, education and outreach in the beef industry. Texas Tech and Kansas State University are leaders in providing the beef industry, from producers to retailers, with the people and tools needed to succeed.

Thompson said the integrated approach is a "smart use" of resources and infrastructure and will provide more research, outreach and educational opportunities.

More resources means the Beef Cattle Institute can expand on delivery of far-reaching solutions for the beef industry and better serve citizen interests.

Texas Tech and Kansas State University have a shared vision for the service to the beef industry, and a large proportion of U.S. beef cattle are finished between Lubbock, Texas, and Manhattan, Kan., which generates substantial regional and national revenues.

Beef from the region is exported around the world, and Texas Tech's involvement in the Beef Cattle Institute will have global influence.

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"This relationship with the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State is an important step forward in our continuing efforts to serve the livestock industry and grow expertise in a research focus area of animal health, nutrition and welfare," said Michael Galyean, dean of Texas Tech's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. "Linkage to the Beef Cattle Institute will benefit faculty and students at both institutions."

The Beef Cattle Institute's goal is to provide students and beef producers with the highest quality and most up-to-date education, research and outreach available. The hope is to increase the value of a student's education through work in the institute as well as increasing training for those in the beef industry.

Source: K-State

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