Thank You Program Aimed at Farmers

Thank You Program Aimed at Farmers

People encouraged to thank a farmer.

Several efforts are under way across America this Thanksgiving week to recognize America's Farmers through an extensive advocacy campaign. Last Thanksgiving, Monsanto began an effort to advocate on behalf of America's Farmers, including social media, digital, print and broadcast advertising. This year, the campaign expands to include billboards and online webisodes that follow farm families and documents rural life.

On Monday, people from around the country posted their own thank you messages to farmers on the Web site: This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, key landmarks and buildings in 20 U.S. cities will be used as backdrops for outdoor projections that spotlight the economic and environmental contributions of farmers. 

Also, Monsanto's America's Famers Grow Communities program expanded this fall to 1,204 counties across 38 states. Eligible farmers can sign up to direct $2,500 to their favorite local non-profit organization through Dec. 31 by visiting or by calling 1-877-267-3332.

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