This Week Is Winter Weather Awareness Week

This Week Is Winter Weather Awareness Week

Now is a good time to start preparing for severe winter weather.

The National Weather Service has designated Nov. 16-20 as Winter Weather Awareness Week in Kansas. That makes it a good time for Kansans to review terminology used in weather forecasts and to be aware of the appropriate action that should be taken, said Kansas State Climatologist, Mary Knapp.

Knapp, who oversees the Kansas Weather Data Library, based in Kansas State University Research and Extension, gave descriptions for typical scenarios that occur in Kansas, along with information about how residents should respond:

* Winter Storm - Severe winter conditions, which can vary by the storm.  These can include a mix of snow, wind, ice, poor visibility and cold temperatures.

* Outlook - Winter storm conditions are possible in the next two to five days.  This is the time to tune to local media for updates and plan for expected conditions. 

* Advisory - Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous. If you are cautious, these situations should not be life threatening. 

* Watch - Winter storm conditions are likely within the next 36-48 hours.  Prepare now.

* Warning - Life-threatening severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. Act now.

Information about Kansas weather is available on the Weather Data Library Web site: "Weather Wonders" audio reports are available on the K-State Research and Extension News Media Web site at

Information about how to prepare for and recover from emergencies can be found on the Kansas Extension Disaster Education Network (Kansas EDEN) Web site:

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