Three Kansans Attend Beef Leader's Institute

Three Kansans Attend Beef Leader's Institute

American Angus Association program helps young beef producers learn about the industry, find ways to network.

Three Kansans represented the state at the third annual Beef Leader's Institute at the American Angus Association headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo., June 1-4. 

Ryan Breiner, Manhattan; Brandon New, Leavenworth; and Lynne Hinrichsen, Westmoreland, were three of the 20 Angus breeders, from 12 states, who joined together to gain more awareness about the entire beef industry.

The four-day learning opportunity gives applicants, age 25-45, a chance to meet with Association staff and industry representatives, learn about the different aspects of the beef industry, and network with fellow Angus producers.

Tour stops included, Gregory Feedlot, CAB-licensed feedlot, Tabor, Iowa,; Tyson, beef processing plant, Dakota City, Neb.; Whole Foods Market, grocery store, Omaha, Neb.; Cargill Meat Solutions, deli meat processing plant, Nebraska City, Neb.; Sysco Lincoln, warehouse and distribution center; and Igenity/GeneSeek, genetics lab, Lincoln, Neb.

"The time spent at Whole Foods reminded me how much we need to be 'agvocates' for our industry," says Brandon New, New Haven Angus.

For more information about the Beef Leader's Institute or the American Angus Association, visit or call 816-383-5100.


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